Beer Pairing: Sculpin IPA and Grouper Escabeche

Sculpin IPA and escabecheng lapu-lapu on a bed of brown and red rice. This was more of a pairing by necessity as this was what we were having for dinner at home. Visually, it’s a no-brainer. The bright orange fish on the label, the deep amber of the beer, and the bronzed lapu-lapu with a sweet-and-sour sauce was a playful dance between different shades of one color family.

Taste-wise, I think it was a good pair. Although the beer is acidic in itself, it did well to cut through the sweet-and-sour sauce and the crispy, oily goodness of the fried fish. The hop bitterness was a refreshing balance to the sauce. The flavors of the beer seemed to bring out the flavor of the food more, and vice-versa. As much as I tried to eat slowly and savor every sip and bite, I devoured this dish with gusto. I think this was a delicate pairing, as a stronger IPA such as Stone, for instance, would have been overpowering. The same goes if the sauce were more hearty and rich.

Again, apologies for the poor-quality Blackberry photos. This looked much better when I was eating it, guaranteed.

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