Photobombed Erdinger Dunkel Weissbier at the Fat Skillet

Friday evening de-stressing at The Fat Skillet Cafe with some friends would not be complete without getting a bottle of Erdinger Dunkel photobombed.

There are two things in this picture with thick heads.

I remember loving this beer since the first time I tried it almost four years ago, also at the Fat Skillet. This was back when I was blissfully ignorant satisfied with my fizzy adjunct lagers. I had tried Chimay, Leffe, and Guinness at that point but had no idea where to source them in Metro Manila. I still have a bottle of this every now and then for nostalgia’s sake, to remember how for the first time, I realized that beer could taste like chocolate.

There was no way I could take him out of the shot.
I poured the contents of the 500ml bottle into an Erdinger weizen glass. It looked like iced coffee with a strong tan head that tasted of chocolate. It had a toasty, coffee nose, and tasted of dark chocolate, malt and caramel. Medium-bodied and carbonated, and pretty drinkable. I guess it’s not as nuanced as when I first tried it, but I still maintain that this is a great transition beer for those used to macro pilseners. I guess I’ll have the same fondness for this beer in the same way that everyone has that fondness for their cheap childhood chocolates. See Muriel Barbery’s Gourmet Rhapsody.
My Beer Advocate ratings: Appearance: 4.5 Smell: 3.0 Taste: 3.5 Mouthfeel: 3.5 Overall: 4.0
The waiter tops off the glass.

This was the perfect early nightcap to another long, stressful week of law school. I’m glad I got to kick back a bit with good friends in one of my favorite haunts in Katipunan.

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