Your argument is invalid.

I’m not a fan of pretentious people. There are wine snobs; there are beer snobs; there are “foodies,” – the aforementioned pseudo-food critics I ranted about in the previous post.

Thus, to quell any misapprehensions that I’m a pretentious craft beer snob, I present one of my favorite midnight snacks – Cheetos and Red Horse Extra Strong Malt Liquor, brewed in the American Adjunct Lager tradition. Perfect for late night bouts with thesis writers’ block. I still love my SMB Pale Pilsen and Red Horse, admittedly mostly out of nostalgia, tradition and habit, but there are times when no other brew will do.

Being a lover of imbibing good beer, I don’t look down on those whose only concept of beer is the cheap pilsener and adjunct lager, whose only exposure to Belgian bier is to Heineken, Stella Artois and Hoegaarden. But, like most others in my shoes, I just want people to be made aware that there is a whole spectrum of flavors and styles awaiting them. A parallelism could perhaps be made with a McDonald’s cheeseburger. It’s decent, easily available and affordable. But on the other hand, you can have something so much more flavorful, more satisfying, and even much healthier without spending that much more. A McDo quarter-pounder with cheese doesn’t stand a chance against a home-made, hand-ground burger made with artisanal bread and fresh ingredients. You can get it at a restaurant, or better yet, by making it yourself at home. It’s to that end that I’m hoping the beer (and even the dining) landscape in the Philippines changes. We have our “craft,” traditional local liquors like tuba, lambanog and the like, which are renowned for their quality and marketed abroad at insane prices. Hopefully the next step is to have good home-brewed or micro-brewed beers. A number are already at it, such as Pivo Praha in Makati and Bog’s Brew in Iloilo, along with a growing number of home-brewers across the country from Cavite to Roxas to Misamis Oriental. Hopefully, the next few years will be brighter on the beer frontier.

I have similar dreams for the dining scene in Manila, but I’ll reserve that for another post.

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