Franziskaner, Laing and Bangus

I picked up a bottle of Franziskaner Weissbier from Spaten-Franziskaner-Brau in Munich from Gilmore Wines to drink with dinner at home a few nights ago. Mmm!

Happy monk is happy. Designed by Ludwig Hohlwein for Franziskaner

Brewed strictly in accordance with the Reinheitsgebot, the Bavarian beer purity law of 1516, the Franziskaner was murky, almost brownish yellow with a thick, regal crown of head. I wish I had a Weizen glass to really showcase how beautiful it was (which is the main reason I’m not cross-posting this on Beer Advocate as a review). It smelled of the standard hefeweizen yeast and banana esters, and tasted of wheat, white bread, yeast, sweet malt and more banana. This is probably among the top three most drinkable beers I’ve had, with Hitachino Nest White Ale (Belgian-style witbier), and Weihenstephaner Hefe being the others. Very easy on the palate, with a sweet fruity aftertaste.

This was a perfect complement to spicy laing (taro leaves stewed in coconut milk) and pan-fried bangus (milkfish), and red and brown rice. I’m a Pale Pilsen apologist when it comes to mixing Pinoy food with beer. But damn, those went down well together. The Franziskaner weissbier is the perfect session/pulutan beer. Hands down the transition beer I would recommend to anyone wanting to think out of the adjunct lager box. It’s easily available, and good value for money given the price, volume and flavor.

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