Rochefort 10 and Bleu Cheese, Bacon and White Truffle Oil Burger

I was bored at home during the midyear break, so I ran to the grocery, picked up a bottle of one of the best beers in the world, and picked up some some ingredients for cooking up a burger. I figured the richness of bleu cheese, bacon and white truffle oil would stand up to the intense yet complex flavors of the Rochefort 10. I enjoyed this meal immensely, and it was one of the more indulgent meals (actually, a snack) I’ve whipped up for myself in a long time.

Rochefort 10 is in the top percentile among all beers in and is consistently ranked in the top twenty to twenty-five of all the beers in the world in

2 or 3 strips of bacon
bleu cheese (we had Danish blue at home)
ginormous beef patty:
a nice crusty country roll

  • 250g ground beef – I would’ve done one of the blends of different cuts of meat as recommended by all the burger experts out there, but I was in a hurry, so I just picked up some of the pre-ground round – around 10% fat instead of the generally recommended 20%. I think 250 g is too much, but it does allow for a nice medium rare burger with the outside nicely crusted. Maybe 200 g would be just right.
  • 1 onion, finely chopped.
  • a dash or so of worcestershire sauce
  • sea salt
  • pepper

I just mixed everything together in a metal bowl and formed one ridiculously large patty, with a slight dimple in the middle. I left it in the freezer for a bit while I prepared the rest of the burger, but I doubt that it made much of a difference.


Cook some strips of bacon on medium-low heat in a nonstick until they start to crisp, then remove from the pan, leaving the yummy bacon grease goodness.

I added a small pat of butter to the oil, set the heat on high. Slap the huge patty onto the pan and flip every thirty or so seconds as suggested by The Food Lab.

In the meantime, slather the bread with some butter and pop it into the toaster oven.

After a few minutes, depending on preferred “done-ness,” crumble some bleu cheese on top after the last flip, and cover the pan to let the burger steam and melt the cheese. Since I like my burgers medium-rare, the bun and patty were ready at around the same time.

Take the patty off the heat and lay it on the bun. Top with the bacon, drizzle with truffle oil just because you can, and enjoy with your world-class Trappist quadruppel.

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