Shiitake, Cream and Doppelbock with Angelhair

Since I bought Parmesan cheese, dried shiitake mushrooms and Paulaner Salvator doppelbock for lunch the next day, and we didn’t have dinner prepared yet at home, I whipped up some pasta on the spot. Pretty straightforward – I reconstituted the mushrooms in water (the broth of which I used for the stock for risotto the next day) and cooked some angelhair pasta. I would have prefered penne for something this thick and creamy, and since i just roughly chopped up the mushrooms. I think the angelhair was too thin, but in the end, I guess it’s all the same.

This was pretty much your standard pasta recipe – garlic and onions sweated in olive oil, the mushrooms were tossed in, and then around a half cup or so of doppelbock (this was what was left from the steak marinade – see previous post) was reduced. Finally, a small package of all-purpose cream blended in quickly with the heat off, plus seasoning. I was planning to add some lemon juice and zest, but I forgot. That’s the problem when you’re not really going by a recipe and just eyeballing and freestyling everything, I guess.

Since I also prepared a tomato-based sauce that night for my dad, who’s no longer allowed beer and mushrooms (I hope I never reach that point, I’ll die), we just ladled our sauce of choice over the angelhair  and tossed on our plates. Pretty much standard – I couldn’t really taste the doppelbock much, and the mushrooms were a bit tough, but I’m satisfied with how the cream and oil didn’t separate. I wonder if the beer played a role in that.

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  1. Con-Con San says:

    you're quite generous with the ingredients, using a paulaner doppelbock no less :)

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