Starbucks Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake and Rogue Mocha Porter

This is the first dessert and craft beer pairing I’ve tried. Ideally, the beer should be sweeter than the dessert, but the Rogue Mocha Porter, as the name suggests, was more about dark chocolate and coffee flavors rather than unbridled sweetness. Nevertheless, I think the Mocha Porter served its purpose well. The Starbucks cake was chocolatey, buttery and with the whipped cream and caramel drizzle on the side – rich, almost cloying. The medium-bodied porter did well to cut the lingering sweetness with its bittersweet notes. It’s pretty much like having your dessert with coffee, and I liked this pairing a lot. Next time, I’m going more intense – I want to pair the most indulgent cheesecake I can find (right now it’s Diamond Hotel’s walnut cheesecake) with an imperial stout, either an aged Stone or Victory Storm King.

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