The most awesomest sandwich ever.

As the Muppet magician, the Amazing Mumford was wont to proclaim: “Ala peanut butter, cream cheese, cinnamon, apple and chicharon sandwiches!” I may have added a few ingredients there.
I whipped up this snack at home over the break, inspired by one of the sandwiches at PB&Co. Buttered toast with some cinnamon sprinkled on top, one piece spread with peanut butter, the other with cream cheese and topped with sliced apples. The original called for Granny Smith, but we had Washington at home. The sandwich was a unique combination that surprisingly worked. All the flavors played their own roles highlighting the others without anything being overpowering. I made myself a couple of these sandwiches, and for the second one, I tried out crumbling up some chicharon for a different layer of texture and flavor, and the end result was eye-opening. It’s probably the best sandwich I ever made for myself. It’s a lot of fun and simple enough to prepare.
I’d drink this with a good pilsener (no flavorless fizz, please) to lay the predicate for all the different flavors in the sandwich. Complement, rather than contrast. I’ll be sure to try this again soon, once Victory’s Prima Pils is available here in the Philippines, hopefully by next week! I think this is the kind of sandwich (especially with the chicharon) that would really fit in with the food selection at Offbeat Cafe and with the quality German brews at The Beer Gallery.

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