Early Christmas Swag

I thought I’d be posting more over the break but I’ve been mostly just lazy. I’m writing this entry as a thank you to some of the awesome early Christmas presents I received. To start with, I received a couple of well-renowned lagers as part of the annual Kris Kringle of my law school block. The theme was “something delicious,” and beer definitely falls into that category. I also got a chocolate cupcake, but it vanished into the recesses of my being before I remembered to take a photograph of it.
Tiger Beer is Singapore’s premiere macrobrewed adjunct lager; while Kirin is part of Japan’s “version” of the unholy trinity of Budweiser-Miller-Coors: Kirin, Asahi and Sapporo. I was touched by this thoughtful gift from someone who doesn’t even drink beer.
For our grand exchange gift during our law school block Christmas party, Diana, the person who turned out to be my Secret Santa (but which I had already figured out much earlier due to my super-sleuth-skills) gifted me with an Erdinger weissbier glass with a “matching” bottle of Schofferhofer hefeweizen and Victory Helios Saison. The Duvel glass came on loan from Mags of Gilmore Wines and Spirits, who said he’ll give me the glass as long as I don’t break it and return it when he needs it. I’ve had the pleasure of sampling beers with both of these new glasses and they really add a whole new dimension to one’s beer experience. Posts featuring both new brews and these glassware will be up soon.


During the law school block Christmas party, I also scored this mini-bottle of Teacher’s Highland Cream Scotch Whisky from the Visayan Beauty Queen. It’s quite highly rated in the whisky web sites, with one good review coming from the Beer (and Whisky) Hunter himself, Michael Jackson.

I also took the chance to avail the Global Beer Exchange 40% off Christmas promo for myself. Since the last few Southern Tier imperial stouts available here in the Philippines were on sale as well, I figured I’d save up bottles for a horizontal tasting of different imperial stouts. From the sale, I picked up a Rogue RIS, Southern Tier Jah-va and Mokah. Plus, I couldn’t resist investing on a Stone Old Guardian Barleywine and Vertical Epic 10-10-10 for aging. The picture above shows my collection for cellaring, although I can’t age these too long as they’e only back-of-the-closet and a bit above the ideal temperature for storing them.
Finally, a bomber of Sculpin IPA was added to my reserved stash in Global Beer Exchange by Noel of Eye On Wine as a Christmas gift! Boo-yah!

So much for all the alcoholic presents. Thank you to everyone who shared some Christmas bliss with me!

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