Oatmeal-Muesli-Chocolate Chip Cookies

I’d made rolled oat (not oatmeal) and chocolate chip cookies last week, and they were a hit, so I tried making a new batch, only to find out that the new canister of Quaker at home was of old-fashioned oatmeal, and not whole rolled outs. I like the crunchiness and chewiness of whole oats over oatmeal, but I think this batch of cookies came out okay as well. For more crunch, I threw in some toasted crunchy nut muesli along with the chocolate chips. I find that this kind of cookie tastes much better hot off the oven after resting for just a while rather than the next day. I just based my recipe off this one from The Joy of Baking, which has a lot of tried-and-tested basic recipes.I should stop making these chunky cookies though and go for flat ones. When I brought these to a lunch meeting, everyone thought they were meatballs. Er, at least they enjoyed the cookies nonetheless.

Not really a pairing, because these two would definitely not be a good match – I just sipped on this Paulaner Hefe-Weissbier while baking. The rest of the bottle went into the banana bread I baked, as seen in my previous post. I took a swig of the hefe when the first batch came out and the sweetness of the cookies just made the beer seem offensively sour. Well, I guess it isn’t true that you can pair a hefe with anything. A good imperial or dry stout would definitely go well with these cookies though.

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