Eggs Benedict and Mimosa breakfast

This is a testament to how great Mark Bittman’s cookbook, How to Cook Everything is. The instructions are easy to follow; he provides a lot of variations to his basic recipes. His recipe for hollandaise sauce was foolproof, as was that for poached eggs. I’d been experimenting Eggs Benedict for several times now. I tried the hollandaise recipe in Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking, and all the different ways of poaching eggs from Gordon Ramsay’s “vortex method,” to adding way too much vinegar to the water. I always encountered difficulties with the timing, getting the sauce not to overcook and curdle, and the eggs to poach properly. This time, everything ran pretty smoothly. I won’t post the recipe here out of respect for Bittman and his encyclopedic tome. Get a copy of the book. I think it’s a must for every home cook, especially those like me who have limited kitchen skills.

Instead of the classis Canadian bacon, I used prosciutto di Parma. Bittman recommends a variation of bechamel sauce and rustic crusty bread if you’re substituting prosciutto or jamon Serrano, but I decided to stick with the classic English muffin and hollandaise.
The Mimosa was just prosecco with a splash of fresh orange juice to cap off an indulgent Sunday breakfast. I wanted to go for a Bellini, but I couldn’t find peach juice at the grocery. I should’ve just pureed some peaches straight up.


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