Rogue XS Russian Imperial Stout, steak and chocolate mousse

To celebrate my brother successfully defending his architecture thesis, and as a belated Valentine’s gift to my parents and sister, I decided to prepare a steak dinner at home. The full menu was prime Angus rib eye, duck fat home fries, porcini risotto and creamed spinach, with chocolate mousse for dessert. There was red wine involved, but I chose to pair my meal with an almost two-year-old Rogue XS Russian Imperial Stout.

The prime angus rib eye steaks came from Bacchus Epicerie. Three steaks, along with the generous sides, were enough to satiate a family of five voracious eaters. These were simply thawed overnight, seasoned at the last second with sea salt and pepper, and pan-grilled for three to four minutes a side for rare-ish and medium rare. Nathan Myrhvold, author of the groundbreaking cookbook collection, Modernist Cuisine, recommended searing frozen steaks on high heat then finishing cooking in an oven on (very) low heat for around an hour. I’ll try this method next time.

The steak had a distinct corn-fed, ribeye flavor. An additional cracking of sea salt on the final product added  a bit of crunch and highlighted this flavor even more. The stout was full-bodied and viscous, standing up well to the heavy, meaty steak.

For dessert – chocolate mousse. beating the egg whites and whipping the cream was quite tiring, especially since my whisk started coming apart. As a result, I didn’t quite get the stiff peaks I wanted for before I folded everything together. The flavor was there, but I definitely lacked a bit of the ideal texture. This was awesome with the rich, sweet XS Imperial Stout. This was a good dinner. Filling and more than satisfying, without being too heavy on the stomach in terms of volume – quality over quantity at its finest.

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