Easy Chouriço and Tomato Pasta

One could do much worse on a half-empty pantry than this easy spaghetti dish. The only ingredient that wasn’t a staple at home was, ironically, the star of the show, a Portuguese chouriço which I received as pasalubong from a friend.

Mince two medium onions and a small head of garlic and toss into a pan with olive oil first along with a generous pinch of dried chili flakes. Next, add in one whole chouriço, sliced thinly, followed by a splash of dry white wine. Finally, a large can of whole tomatoes, crushed while in the pan. Simmer for a few minutes, adjust the seasoning, then mix in the spaghetti cooked a minute from al dente with a bit of the starchy pasta water. Remove from heat and serve with some parmigiano.

The pasta was actually relatively light. The Portuguese chorizo was not as fatty as the one from Spain, and the strong umami flavor from the tomatoes made me eat much more than I should have. Easy to cook, easier to eat.

I wish I had a nice crisp, bitter pilsener with this. Lately, I’ve been looking to start learning to appreciate the more nuanced classic European styles after reading several books. I already picked up a few American interpretations from Global Beer Exchange, and I’ll drop by Gilmore Wines in a couple weeks for some traditional German and Belgian beers.

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