Baconception Cheeseburgers and Sweet Potato Fries

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  1. Anonymous says:

    How were the burgers? Hope you cooked them med and not well done. Personally i like my burgers pure, the add crispy bacon on top or a nice slap of seared foie or both. Another thing to try is to fry your "healthy" chips with duck fat…adds f,avor as you can imagine…Demonio…

  2. E. says:

    Hey Mr. Demonio, did you get that the 50-50 liempo-beef tip was from you? I seared the burgers hard but relatively quickly for a crisp outside and still-juicy inside. As for the duck fat, sayang. It totally slipped my mind. I still had some in the fridge pa naman.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Not sure but thats what i normally do. The half beef half pork (fat) makes it more juicy.

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