International IPA Day, Beer Day, and Cerveza Habanero

August 2 is International India Pale Ale Day, while August 5 is International Beer Day. IPA Day was only celebrated for the second time this year, while International Beer Day has been observed since 2007. Americans, obviously looking for an excuse to drink beer, started creating all of these pseudo-holidays after different beer styles, and of course, beer itself.  Given that these two special days are quite close to each other, one celebration for both days ought to suffice.

Mr. Gilmore, a veritable “yes-man,” invited me over to dinner at his friend Edward’s house to celebrate IPA Day. It was my turn to say “yes,” and I finished my study quota for the day then headed over to New Manila for some steak, cheese and craft beer.

The lineup for the night is as follows. Obviously this was too much for individual reviews. Besides, we were celebrating beer day!

IPAs: Anderson Valley Imperial, Sculpin IPA, Rogue Brutal IPA, Rogue XS Imperial IPA, Rogue Dad’s Little Helper Black IPA
Germans: Paulaner and Kapuziner hefeweissbier, Andechser dunkel-doppelbock
“Big” Beers: Rogue Double Mocha Porter, Stone Old Guardian Belgo and Old Guardian Barleywines, Southern Tier Mokah, Ballast Point Sea Monster

As for food, rib-eyes, brie, gorgonzola, caramelized onions and mushrooms, and later on, some sausages were prepared by Mags’ friend Frank, who makes the most delicious date cupcakes (i.e. cupcakes with the fruit, not cupcakes for when you go out with your significant other [but, pwede rin]). Sadly, he didn’t have any for us that night. But there will always be a next time!

Mr. Beer Lover in Singapore also brought back a bottle of Cerveza Habanero from Barefoot Brewing Company. This was an intensely hot chili and wheat beer which puts Rogue’s Chipotle Ale to shame. I dare anyone to pair this with some chili con carne or buffalo wings. Send me a picture!

Getting beer from Singapore can also be an opportunity for some fun Engrish! The Cerveza Habanero is purportedly made with “barely malt.” I assume that the grains that they used were indeed malted, but only just enough. Maybe the barley had just germinated before they were dried and removed from the water.

See! Poor spelling and awful grammar is not exclusive to bloggers like me. Even brewers can make such mistakes too. We’re only human after all.

Screw that. I’ve been writing my entire life, and if anyone ever notices spelling errors, grammatical flaws and awkward sentence construction, please call my attention. This may not be a profit-oriented blog, and I may not be disciplined – or even sober – enough to proofread all the time, but I have standards, and I’m sure you do, too.

That said, a belated happy International IPA and Beer Day to everyone!

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