IPAs and Erap: July Home Brew Night II

Today is International IPA Day! Enjoy a nice, hoppy India Pale Ale while reading this entry about a few locally-handmade IPAs that we enjoyed last week at the monthly home brewers’ meetup. Cheers!

Before the more bombastic IPAs though, we began with a large corked bottle of Great Island Craft Brewery’s several month old weizenbock. This was more of a growler-style storage, since it was bottled from the tap. Hence, it would have been in the best condition if drunk within a week or two from when it was first bottled in March, rather than five months later. This was flat, as expected due to storage conditions, but the flavors were there. Strong banana esters dominated this cloudy beauty in true German weizen fashion.

Mario’s version of the Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA came in three variants. I wasn’t able to try the real thing before, but I’m told that this home brew is much more than the popular American IPA’s equal. We tried the three iterations blind, but the king fish clearly made itself known. The first variant we tried was what turned out to be the diluted version, since the initial a.b.v. came to around 10%. The diluted version, as you can see, ended up closer to a still formidable 7%. Next we tried what was revealed to be the real deal, the undiluted, imperial 240 Minute IPA. The final one we got to try was an extra-hopped variant of the diluted 160 Minute. While this was much more intense than the regular 160-minute, it was still the big bad brother that was crowned king for stronger flavor. After all, if you’re going to go with a big IPA, you might as well make it as big as it gets.

As for the special guest I mentioned in the previous post, it’s none other than former President Joseph Estrada. He was having dinner and wine with a group at L’Incontro, then adjourned to the adjacent lounge, where Baldis asked if we could have our picture taken with him.

I offered Mr. President a beer, and at first, he politely refused, as he was more of a wine drinker. Upon hearing that this was Filipino-made and home brewed, he graciously accepted a fresh, if still undercarbonated, IPA from Great Islands Craft Brewery. Drinking the beer led the former president to reminisce about his good friend and former presidentiable, the late FPJ.

Home brewing is really getting bigger in the Philippines, what with the newest “endorser,” so to speak, being a former President himself. If you want to learn more about home brewing and some of the best at it in the country, grab a copy of August’s issue of Esquire Philippines, with Ben Chan on the cover. There’s a short article included in the series, The Esquire Guide to Drinking (and Doing it Particularly Well).

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  1. gigs387 says:

    Hi. We are interested in starting home brewing and in the process of researching on it, came across your blog. Was happy to see that there is already a community of home brewers meeting regularly in the city. We would like to join the next get together if its is possible. Would you know when and where it is already? Thanks!

  2. E. says:

    Hi. It's always held on the last Thursday of the month at L'Incontro. If you want to learn more, pick up the August issue of Esquire Philippines for a short feature on local home brewing.

  3. Anonymous says:

    See you this "Thirstday" August 30

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