Victory Prima Pils and Bangusilog


Victory’s Prima Pils from Pennsylvania is everything one could ever want a pilsner to be. Strictly speaking, it’s in its own category, as it’s much more hoppy and bitter than your run-of-the-mill German or Czech pils. And don’t even bring up your standard served below zero mass market adjunct pilseners! The Prima is crisp and light like any other pilsener, but the difference is that it comes with the punch of an India Pale Ale. Neither do I consider this an “IPA lite,” because its full flavor and bracing bitterness dwarf even its big brothers – the East Coast style Victory Hop Devil and Hop Wallop. And if you’re not the type who enjoys bitter beers, you have to admit at least that the Prima Pils looks impressive with its bright golden hue, airy yet substantial head, and strong effervescence. Perhaps it’s called Prima because this is a prime example of how craft beer kicks industrial beer ass.



For pairing, I went with a classic Filipino all-day breakfast favorite, bangusilog: a portmanteau of daing na bangus (milkfish marinated in vinegar and garlic), sinangag (fried rice) and itlog (fried egg). How’s that for a good combination of proteins, carbs and fat. It’s enough to get anyone through the day, and good eating for any meal.



These were exceptional together – a huge step up from the traditional macro-brewed beers which are paired with Filipino food.  The crispness and bitterness of the Prima Pils provided a nice palate cleanse from the saltiness, fats and oils from all the elements of the dish. The light body ensured that the experience was pleasant all throughout, not daring to compete with what is actually quite a heavy combination of the different food groups.


Talk about comfort food. I’ll take a pairing like this anytime I’m stressed. Then I’m taking a nap immediately after.



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