A Short Rant against “Foodies”

The term “foodie” used to signify a rebellion against the more elitist, condescending, pretentious labels for connoisseurs, such as “gourmand” or “gastronome,” et al. Now it has grown to be even more annoying a term because it has become equally, if not more pretentious, especially because it is not even a real word. Worse, majority of those who use it are food bloggers who trade good reviews for free food, and Instagram users who trade self-respect for hashtags and likes. In the end, someone who appreciates good food is not defined by the label they go under, but by the respect they show to the food they eat, the animals and plants that gave their lives for a good meal (well-done steak, veganism, and made-up allergies are examples of such disrespect), and the chef and crew who worked hard to prepare it.

Me, I just describe myself as someone who enjoys food. I think my mind is open but my palate is discerning. And just as I feel that one must expand their horizons and knowledge in everything, I believe that food and beverage are no exceptions. I am most critical of those who stubbornly refuse to learn more. Every new dish, to me, is an eye-opener. It does not matter whether I enjoyed it or not – it matters that I learned. Everytime I go back to a favorite dish, it’s a matter of emotion and nostalgia – critical peer reviews notwithstanding.

So, enjoy food, and learn from every meal. Don’t judge other people for their tastes, unless of course, they are vegans who think meat is murder. Or those who do eat meat, but murder the meat even more by blasting it to kingdom come. Other than that, I think the general rule of “to each their own” must apply.

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