It’s the Final Countdown! Of La Fin du Monde and Holiday Ales


I never really bothered to check the facts, but hearsay went around saying that 21 December 2012 would mark the end of the world, because the Mayans said so. Well, while I personally believe that the world as we know it may end soon because of how we abuse the environment, I don’t believe that an ancient civilization that couldn’t even survive could foresee that happening on a specific date. At any rate, it’s a great excuse to get together with friends.

Thus, La Fin du Monde night at the Global Beer Exchange Bottle Shop coincided with the eve of what for the Mayans would have been their “la fin du monde”. I arrived late, having come from work, so I missed the some of the usual crowd. Luckily, though, I was still early enough to grab a couple pints of a special release for the night…


Great Islands Craft Brewery came out with a holiday ale, a Candied Ginger Honey IPA. This was a craft brewer’s dream: a seasonal release, creative ingredients, a combination of beer styles, served straight from the tap. Each of the elements – from the candied ginger, to the honey that provided body, to the spicy, hoppy finish and the warming 8.4% A.B.V. – played off each other nicely, contributing to what was a sublime craft beer experience. What more could one ask for? Well, like the mighty Thor, I asked for another.


Another home brewer, Marvin Moreno, brought some of his Belgian witbier. His Belgian pale ale from the last home brewers’ meetup was fantastic, and this one was just as good. I asked him the secret behind this home brew that can stand up to a favorite like Hitachino Nest White Ale and definitely kick’s Hoegaarden’s sickly yellow-white ass. This guy is quickly becoming one of my favorite home brewers, and for good reason. Hopefully he starts making bigger batches in the next months.


Guess what beer this is. Well, given that the 21st was supposed to be the end of the world, I chose one that was fitting, but not overly obvious. Thus, I had a Stone Ruination IPA, because the world was about to get “ruinated”. I wrote about pairing craft beers and OPM (Original Pilipino Music) once, and matched it with Razorback’s end of the world song, Wakasan. The two just fit together really well.


So, as midnight drew close, we rushed to download Swedish glam rock band Europe’s “The Final Countdown” to play on the stereo. We uncorked a bottle of La Fin du Monde tripel from Unibroue, and got ready to watch the world burn. Fortunately, it didn’t, so there will be many more opportunities to savor good craft beer and the company of friends. So this gives me an idea: what beers would you pair with your favorite 80’s big hair rock songs?

Teenooneenoo Tinunitnitneew!

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