New Year, Bubbly Beer

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  1. slavetobeers says:

    I also notice a Brooklyn in the photo. Seeing these beers reaching are shores makes my eyes glow like diamonds. By the way, Mags is my source of some of my fix, but I haven’t seen some of the beers you posted to his shop. I envy you man. Keep those reviews coming coz it’s like reading a gospel from a drinkers bible.

    • @slavetobeers, are you the spot guy? Yes, thanks for pointing out the Brooklyn Brewery East IPA. I’d featured that in a previous post and didn’t write about it anymore. Good beer, but I’m still a West Coast IPA guy.

      • slavetobeers says:

        Oh sorry bro. Im not the one you referring to. For the love of beer i chance upon your blogs. Since then, i already followed your reviews. Actually i havent been in the bottle shop. But i will visit it soon. And hopefully to join your group if everybody is welcome. Im just waiting the brewdog tokyo ipa to arrive.
        Anyway, do you have any other source of beers? Actually, ive search the net if there is an online beerstore that can deliver in our country. I found binnys. but sad to say they only deliver in selected u.s. territories.
        Ok keep it up bro. Thanks…

        • Join us at the Beer Club of Manila on Facebook. It’s open to everyone, until you post something Budweiser-centric (and the like) that will get you banned:
          As to sources, Global Beer Exchange and Gilmore Wines and Spirits are my standard go-to sellers because of their unparalleled selections. Global Beer Exchange delivers for sure. I think Gilmore Wines can deliver also. You generally have to get at least a case worth, though.
          Brewdog is indeed coming soon, but I don’t know yet. Tokyo* is their high-alcohol beer, while their IPA is called Punk. I’ve tried the latter and it’s pretty good.

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