Of Flavored KitKat and Sake Bonbons


I have the sweetest girlfriend in the world. Despite the distance between us (for now), she never fails to brighten my day. After an especially gloomy close to January, I received a package from a courier. It was supposed to be a surprise, but since I had to receive the package personally, I was given advance notice. I had no clue what was inside the box, though.


To my delight, it was filled with an assortment of Japanese chocolate! Apparently, the tradition in Japan is that women give men chocolate on Valentine’s Day. The package arrived a few days prior, mostly because my mood had been calling for chocolate-induced euphoria for the past few weeks. Props to her for being able to sense that even without me saying so.

My girlfriend is obsessed with KitKat, and for good reason. The regular variety is a personal favorite of mine as well, and one of the go-to chocolate bars / desserts that my family falls back on during grocery runs. I’d always been envious of the sheer number of flavors available abroad, especially in Japan, and now I have the chance to sample a few of them.


Among the KitKat flavors I received were blueberry cheesecake, salt & puff, mochi (I think?), black/dark and ujimatcha latte. The salt and puff variety came highly recommended, and indeed, it was what I enjoyed the most, along with the dark KitKat. I’m not the biggest fan of creamy or white chocolates, and the rest of the KitKats leaned toward that end of the chocolate spectrum. The flavors were all interesting though, and did not taste artificial. I’m not a KitKat expert though, but I know someone who is. Check out her blog on teaching, traveling, training, and well… KitKat here.

Also included in the box were some alcohol-infused chocolates (my girlfriend knows me so well). I’ve only tried the Nippon Sake bonbons so far, and have yet to open the “Brandy Assort”. The sake bonbons were delicious. Inside a sweet milk chocolate shell is an explosion of sake that warms the mouth and contrasts with the chocolate. While one could wait until the chocolate melted in one’s mouth before releasing the splash of sake, I preferred to bite into it right away and let the entire chocolate and sake experience coat my palate. It’s not enough to get one drunk, but you can definitely taste the alcohol. Someone really needs to import this into the Philippines.

Finally, there was a large bar of Godiva salted caramel milk chocolate. Ecstasy. Sadly, the rest of my family scarfed most of it down. I also set aside the box of Donan beer caramels for a separate review.


Aside from all the chocolate in the box came a postcard. This was just the latest of many I received the past several months, and to be honest, was much sweeter than any of the food items from the package. Above are all the postcards I’ve received. Hopefully, I’ll receive a few more over the next eight months or so, and no more after that.

I know that while this post is about chocolate, much of the content has been cheese. I beg everyone’s indulgence. The usual reviews of “condescending” beers (at least, according to a friend of mine. Or was she referring to me as being condescending? More likely.) and rants against presumptuous “foodies” who eat steak well-done with a side of crazy maki paired with single malt Scotch sipped from a shot glass then poured into a glass with ice and San Mig “Lights” Below Zero (no ice because it dilutes the flavor of the beer, pare).


Thank you for everything, A. I love you.

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    I love you, E. Thank you for putting twinkle in my eyes:)

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