G Point Smorgasbord’s House Brews


Before finally joining the ranks of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines, every lawyer-to-be needs to get their clearance processed at the Supreme Court. The procedure is efficient enough, but my only mistake was cramming and waiting until the last couple of days to make the trip to Padre Faura, Manila, when the successful examinees from outside of Manila have flown (or floated, or rolled) in. Hence, a three hour wait, straddling lunch break.

After handling my bureaucratic and administrative necessities, I walked down the road to G Point Smorgasbord and Bar which boasts of its own micro-brewed house beers. It’s owned by some Swedes and their Filipina wives, if I’m not mistaken, making it a very expat and foreigner-friendly place. It was around mid-afternoon when I dropped by, and true enough, there was probably only one other Filipino male aside from me (he was playing billiards), while the rest of the bar was full of Caucasians and their Filipina “dates.” G Point Smorgasbord offers your standard pub grub, and of course an eponymous buffet for less than P300 during lunch time. I was there for the craft beer, though.


Their Bumpy Butt Single Malt Ale is a good session beer, served in a pilsener glass. With only one malt and one hop variety used, it is far from complex, but balanced and very easy to drink. Neither is this colored carbonated water, though. At only P50 for a fresh glass, this blows your usual adjunct lagers out of the water.


Their India Pale Ale leans more on the British tradition than the more hop-forward West Coast USA versions I enjoy. Poured into a large mug,  it was on the thin and watery side, but a spicy and bitter hoppiness make up for the mediocre mouthfeel.


Black Bitch Scottish Porter was a big beer: dark brown, thicker and with more roasted malts than the others. I also found it more bitter than the IPA. It’s a good attempt at the stout/porter style, but as with G Point’s other offerings, lacking in complexity. Bonus points for the beautiful oversize tulip glass, though.

In all, I realize that G Point’s beers were pretty straightforward, and all tasted quite similar due to the singular malt used (and likely, their hops as well). The lack of hops also led to an almost non-existent bouquet for each. Nevertheless, the trio rates high on my charts, as these beers were hard to beat at their ridiculous price (P50 during happy hour, P80 later at night), and served in the proper glassware, at that. You can’t get fresh craft beer for less here in the Philippines. In fact, you’d be paying the same price (often, more) for a bottle of local beer in many other joints. If G Point only weren’t so far away from where I live, I’d definitely be a regular. Maybe if I one day end up working in the Supreme Court.

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