S/Low Carb Weeks 1 and 2

I’ve been on a low/slow carb lifestyle for the past two weeks, more specifically, since June began. I’d done low carb diets before, but not with any permanent effects as my weight would always eventually return to shameful levels. Last year, I was at my healthiest and it was because of a low carb jump start and a whole grain, low fat, lean protein maintenance plan. Of course, after I finished taking the bar, everything got out of hand, and here I was, back at square one. I find a the low fat, lean protein and good carb lifestyle the most sustainable, especially with regular exercise, and I plan to eventually end up with that. To jumpstart weight loss, though, I decided to go back to low carb, because it’s always been the most effective for the first month or two.


My bread and butter meal… er… you know what I mean, for the first two weeks was actually bean chili. The first week was vegetarian, but the second week included some ground beef.

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I also ended up taking not-so-lean meats. Ergo, lots of pork in the form of bacon and even lechon. I tried to balance it out by taking greens like spinach and cabbage (fermented, as in kimchi).


The rest of the time, I would chop up some onions and mince some garlic, saute them with tuna and some sliced jalapeno for a filling snack made so much better with Sriracha sauce.


Some restaurants made it hard for me to pick something healthy. At Blackwood Bistro, I decided to go with baked chipotle wings. Soggy, not flavorful or spicy enough, and made even more bland by my skipping the dip.


At one point, I thought about getting creative and tried to make a protein powder-based cookie, topped with a dollop of peanut butter. Never again.


I started cheat day early by drinking some post-training craft beer. Albeit high in calories, these are low in preservatives and other additives that are bad for you. Of course, I made sure to only consume very little :D 8Wired’s iStout was excellent, and I can’t wait for their other products to hit Philippine shores. The IPA looked good in photos as well.


My cheat day proper was still kind of healthy. I had bad carbs in the form of lumpiang shanghai and sweet chili sauce at home, with some garlic spinach to make me feel less guilty.

20130607_203222 20130607_204050

Cheat day was capped with a Japanese meal at Izakaya Kikufuji. While the food itself was mostly sashimi and yakitori, I had a piece of nigiri (ergo, rice) and taste of sukiyaki noodles, it was the free nama beer that did the diet in. Nevertheless, at the end of the first week, I had lost nine pounds net of cheat day (re)gain.


The second week was more focused on fish, albeit fried, with bangus and kimchi…


and my usual tuna-onions-jalapeno-garlic thing, but this time with fried eggs.


At one point, I roughly chopped up some zucchini and tried to turn it into some thick cut pasta. I wanted to make pseudo spaghetti, but couldn’t find the peeler, and laziness got the best of me. So I just sauteed the zucchini strips in olive oil and garlic, tossed in some tuna, and blasted it all with Sriracha. It um… tasted healthy.


This is probably the reason I didn’t lose much weight during the second week. While whisky has no carbs, it does carry some heft when it comes to calories.



For a pre-Father’s Day treat to my dad, we ended up in Yoogane. This was still not a cheat day, but I decided to add some mozzarella to our dak galbi and pork belly mix. This was very filling and tasty enough.

My cheat day was undocumented, with copious amounts of empanada for breakfast, barbecue and potato wedges for lunch, pizza and pasta for dinner, plus some popcorn and beer while watching the UFC 161 replay. Week 2 left me two pounds lighter, for a subtotal of 11 pounds. Not that good a showing, so I’ll really have to refocus myself this third week.


So far, instead of the usual chili, I’ve prepared bockwurst and sauerkraut with lots of grainy mustard to get me through the week. Hopefully I’ll reach my target of at least 10 kilos (22 pounds) lost this June.

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