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c. 2012:

I’m a twenty-something law student from historically – but arguably not currently – the best law school in the Philippines. I have an bachelor’s degree from unquestionably, the best school of philosophy in the Philippines.

Law school has been a perennial source of stress, and the thought that it is almost over is not comforting in the least given the impending cataclysm called the bar exams, and the culmination of it all in everyday practice. After several failed attempts to start a blog to keep alive the sense of wonder that my years majoring in Philosophy taught me, we have this: books, bites, brews, and whatever else keeps me passionate about life.

Reading has always been my escapist route of choice. I have an intense love of eating, and if I weren’t a law student, I would definitely be in chef school had I the money. I dream every now and then of still going to chef school after (if?) I pass the bar. And brews are self-explanatory. Also, expect to see other things here, like the occasional post on sneakers, movies, television, and maybe even current events and -shudder- the occasional law student rant.

I’ve always compared law school to a zombie apocalypse. Brains are all that matter. Everyone loses his or her humanity somewhat. And we are all just staggering about blindly in search of what could provide sustenance. I’ve got less than a year left to see for certain whether or not law school really has turned me into a zombie. It’s an everyday struggle, not just to survive, but to remain human – passionate, full of wonder, and in the words of my favorite Philosophy professor: able to dwell, linger, focus, and abandon one’s sense of the common.

Well, as the song goes, “I fought the law, and the law won.” When the dust and smoke clear, I wonder how I’ll have fared.

Update: I’ve now graduated from law school and am currently studying for the bar exams. I still unwind with a good book, bite and/or brew to take the stress out and try to update this site at least once a week.

Update to the update: I’m finally done with the bar! I’d been hoping to post more often during this downtime but that hasn’t been the case. At any rate, expect more posts, better site design and functionality as I finish my migration to WordPress.

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