About the Author

TL;DR: Husband, father, home cook, craft beer enthusiast, lawyer.

Books Bites Brews is a one-man Filipino blog focusing on food literature, home-cooked food, the exceptional restaurant meal, and of course, craft beer. I prefer to remain anonymous, although I have been outed several times in other internet media (with my passive concurrence).

I am a lawyer by profession, fresh off signing the Roll of Attorneys. I graduated from what was the undisputed best law school in the Philippines, although that distinction has been challenged mightily over the last few years. Nevertheless, I believe that a renaissance is underfoot.

My background is in Philosophy, Humanities and Literature. The first sixteen years of my (mis)education can be blamed on the Jesuits, to whom I will be forever grateful.

This blog was originally created as an outlet for law school-related stress. I am no longer in law school, and have hurdled what was the most ridiculous bar exam in recent Philippine history. This blog remains an outlet, nevertheless, as I balance lawyerly work with family life. It helps keep me (mostly) sane.


The old write-up can be viewed here.

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