Adelaide (Australia): what to see in the garden city


What to see in Adelaide, main attractions and places to visit with a list of museums and galleries not to be missed.

Tourist information

A city of Australia, Adelaide is located in the southeastern part of the federated state of South Australia, a short distance from the east coast of the Saint Vincent Gulf.

The city, crossed by the Torrens River, was founded in 1836 by Colonel Light, who invited the first group of free immigrants to live on the plain, which stretched between the Lofty chain and the sea.

The small inhabited center took the name of Adelaide, in honor of Adelaide of Saxony Meiningen, bride of King George IV of England.

The plan of the city is square, with long streets and large squares, the Torrens river divides it into two parts, the commercial area to the south and the residential area to the north, around it there is a circle of parks, beyond which have arisen residential and industrial neighborhoods.

What see

The second largest art collection in Australia is housed in the South Australian Art Gallery.

The botanical gardens comprise three gardens rich in ornamental, exotic and native plants.

Haigh’s Chocolates Visitors Center, which is located alongside the city's famous parks, is an important chocolate factory including a Visitor Center.

The Museum of Migration houses collections relating to the different cultures of South Australia.

The National Railway Museum is the largest of its kind in Australia.

The National Wine Center in Australia offers the opportunity to get to know and taste excellent Australian wines.

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Australia's oldest marine collection is preserved in the South Australian Maritime Museum.

The South Australia Museum houses collections covering the nation's natural and cultural heritage.

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