Agadir: what to see at the foot of the Atlas in Morocco


What to see in Agadir, short history of this town, with a large sandy beach, which is an excellent starting point for excursions to the Sahara.

Tourist information

City, port and tourist resort, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, Agadir is located at the foot of the Atlas Mountains in southern Morocco.

As for the economy, there are various mineral resources in the area, including cobalt, manganese and zinc, and fishing is also very developed.

The name Agadir, in the Berber language, means fortified granary.

The city took this name in 1541 when the sultan Mohamed ech Cheikh conquered Santa Cruz de Cap de Guè, this was the name of the city when it was founded by the Portuguese in 1505.

During the French colonial occupation, Agadir was an important airport stop for the Atlantic flight.

In 1960 an earthquake destroyed the city almost entirely, very little remained of the old Portuguese fort.

The climate is Mediterranean, in the coastal areas it rains from November to March, while the average winter temperatures never drop below 20 ° C.

What see

The current city, which is located about 3 km south of ancient Agadir, has become an internationally renowned tourist center, appreciated for its wide sandy beach, the numerous green spaces and the fishing port of great importance.

Agadir is an important starting point for excursions in the Sahara desert.

Moroccan coastline north of Agadir with Atlas Mountains in the distance. 22-02-2018 (September 2021)

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