Agnone (Molise): what to see


What to see in Agnone, itinerary to visit the ancient village, including the Church of Sant’Emidio, a visit to the ancient copper foundries and the town of Capracotta is also recommended.

Tourist information

Located in a panoramic position on the Verrino valley, on a hill covered with woods, Agnone is a very popular holiday resort.

In the past pre-Roman settlement, the town is famous for the traditional production of bells, handed down over the centuries starting from the medieval era, for the pastry art related to the creation of tasty sweets and for the processing of copper in the ancient foundries, aimed at the production of various objects.

The church of Sant 'Emidio, dating back to the fifteenth century, includes a remarkable Gothic portal surmounted by a rose of generous dimensions.

Various works from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries are preserved inside the place of worship, including some sculptures by the Duprè family.

What see

Adjacent to the church there is a small museum which contains works of ancient art.

The eleventh-century Mother Church, dedicated to San Marco, has a simple facade with a beautiful Renaissance-style portal.

As for excursions in the area, it is worth going to Capracotta, a holiday resort located at 1416 meters above sea level, reachable by traveling for about twenty kilometers, very popular for winter sports.

Pescopennataro, 17 km away, is another pleasant holiday center surrounded by greenery and in a dominant position on the Sangro valley.

From the highest part of the country it is possible to admire a beautiful panorama towards the Pizzi mountains, which sweeps beyond the border with Abruzzo, marked by the Sangro river.

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