Agordo (Veneto): what to see


What to see in Agordo, itinerary including the main places of interest, including the Archdeacon Church and Palazzo Crotta de Manzoni, as well as excursions to Monte Civetta and Marmolada.

Tourist information

Located in the province of Belluno and characterized by an ancient tourism and mountaineering tradition, Agorgo is beautifully nestled in an open basin surrounded by woods and grandiose Dolomite groups, on the southern slopes of Mount Civetta.

Thanks to the favorable climate and good tourist reception facilities, Agordo is a popular destination for summer and winter holidays.

In winter it is an excellent choice as a starting point for the nearby ski resorts that are part of the Civetta, Val Biois, Malga Ciapèla-Marmolada and Arabba-Porta Vescovo areas.

In the surrounding area there is no lack of excursions to Val Imperina, around the Col di Foglia, the Spiz del Castelin and the Belluno Dolomites National Park.

In the historic center of the village there are interesting nineteenth-century buildings, also worth visiting the Archdeacon church dating back to 1513 and built on the site where an ancient Romanesque church once stood.

Inside this building of worship valuable works of art can be admired, including the altar of Santa Barbara, commissioned by the miners and enriched with a copy of the painting of Palma il Vecchio, available in the original in the church of Santa Maria Formosa to Venice.

The choir is discreetly frescoed with works by Giovanni De Min, it is also interesting to see the altar of San Francesco, where a painting by Palma il Giovane depicting the stigmata of San Francesco stands out.

What see

Typical local houses overlook the main square of the town, including Palazzo Crotta, an elegant villa with imposing dimensions and a garden adorned with beautiful stone statues.

In the rooms that were once used as stables, the collections of optics and glasses by Luxottica are housed, including specimens from various eras.

The villa flanks the Broi, a green area located in the center of the village where fairs and markets once took place.

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Among the excursions to do is that of Forno di Zoldo, a town located about twenty one kilometers away, made up of various hamlets and a center for summer and winter holidays.

Zoldo alto is a further holiday resort from Val Zoldo, located in a splendid position dominated by the Pelmo and Civetta mountains.

This municipality is made up of several hamlets, characterized by picturesque wooden houses with large balconies.

The capital is Fusine, whose name derives from the ancient forges used for iron working, while other neighboring countries are Mareson, Pianaz and Pecol.

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