Air dolomiti web check in online: fleet and hand luggage


Air Dolomiti is an airline based in Verona. As it is easy to deduce the name derives from the famous mountain group of the Dolomites.

General information Air Dolomiti

It was born in 1989 by the Steel Group Leali and became operational in 1991 with the Trieste-Genoa air route and subsequently, in 1992, began international flights to Munich with departure from Verona.

This company has a maintenance and catering facility for its own on-board service in order to improve the quality of the services offered to its travelers.

Gradually, starting in 1999, Air dolomiti was totally purchased by the Lufthansa group but has kept its identity intact as image and services so as to be awarded in 2005 and 2006 as the best airline for onboard service.

For Air dolomiti online check in, fleet and hand luggage visit the airline's website from here.

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