Alghero (Sardinia): what to see


What to see in Alghero, itinerary including the main monuments and places of interest, including Torre di Porta Terra, Chiesa San Francesco, Palazzo Machin, Casa Doria and Cathedral.

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Located on a small promontory, overlooking the waters of the homonymous bay surrounded by extensive beaches, Alghero was an ancient seaport.

First under the dominion of Genoa, between 1102 and 1353, it later passed to the Aragonese who transferred a colony of Catalans to it.

For four hundred years Alghero was dominated by the Spaniards, who left a significant mark of their presence in the city architecture and with the spread of the Catalan dialect.

The Porta Terra tower, built in the fifteenth century by the local Jewish community, constituted one of the two entrances to the walls.

The church of San Francesco, built at the end of the fourteenth century in Catalan Gothic style, was later rebuilt.

The presbytery area of ​​the original plant remains, characterized by cross vaults, the side chapels and the matroneum.

The small Romanesque cloister with loggias is dominated by the bell tower.

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Nearby are the baroque church of San Michele and the sixteenth-century tower of the Esperò Reyal, which was one of the bulwarks of the walls.

Of particular interest is Palazzo Machin and Casa Doria, which present architectural details in Catalan Gothic style.

The Cathedral of Santa Maria, dating from the late 1700s, includes a bell tower and a choir from the late sixteenth century, as well as an interior covered by an octagonal dome.

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Through a beautiful Gothic portal it is possible to exit the cathedral apse and reach the nearby Palazzo d'Albis.

From the Porta a Mare you reach the port, in the vicinity of which are the Maddalena bastion and the public garden.

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