Alicante (Spain): what to see in the seaside town


What to see in Alicante, itinerary including the main monuments and places of interest, including Santa Barbara Castle, San Nicola Cathedral and Marina.

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Located in the center of a large bay of the Costa Blanca, dominated by the Benacantil mountain, on which stands the medieval fortress, or the Castillo de Santa Bárbara, Alicante is a renowned seaside resort, it also constitutes an important sea outlet for Madrid and the center of the nation .

The ancient Roman city Lucentum, developed on an Iberian settlement located on the hill, where today the archaeological site Lucentum Archaeological Museum is located, also known as El Tossal de Manises in the Albufereta district, was an Arab stronghold and for a long time was disputed between Castile and Aragon, where it was incorporated in 1296.

During the Spanish Succession War, it was occupied by Archduke Charles of Habsburg.

The Castle of Santa Barbara is strategically located on Monte Benacantil.

The name Santa Barbara originates from the saint of the day when he was conquered by Alfonso of Castile.

During the reign of Philip II the castle was renovated.

In 1963 it was opened to the public and equipped for the occasion with two elevators, which run in the bowels of the mountain.

The building can be divided into three parts, the Torreta, where the Torre Maschio is located, the upper part, where there are the representative rooms, including the hall of Philip II and the court of arms, and the lower part , where the Revellìn del Bon Repòs is located.

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The Cathedral of San Nicola, built in Renaissance style and dating back to the seventeenth century, has a single nave with various chapels inside, of which the most important is the Chapel of Communion, with a beautiful Baroque front.

The altar of San Nicola di Bari, the saint to whom the church is dedicated, is in Baroque style and placed in the apse.

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The seventeenth century cloister is remarkable, with a characteristic railing.

The main altar is characterized by splendid marble steps.

The Church of Santa Maria, which is the oldest in the city, was built in Gothic style on top of an ancient mosque in the thirteenth century, and rebuilt with the Baroque facade, following a fire suffered in the fifteenth century.

Alicante Town Hall boasts a beautiful Baroque facade with balconies.

This building, built in ocher yellow stone, dates back to the 1700s and has two towers.

Inside there are two halls to visit, with walls covered in blue silk, and a Rococo-style chapel, decorated with Azulejos, typical glazed ceramic tiles.

By boat, sailing from the marina, it is possible to reach the island of Tabarca, in about 45 minutes of crossing.

In addition, you can take pleasant walks on the Paseo de la Explanada promenade, lined with palm trees and beautiful beaches, or visit the Palm Grove of Elche, one of the largest in Europe, containing over 200,000 specimens of palm trees.

Alicante, Spain; The Must See of Alicante, Spain (December 2023)

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