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General tourist information about Andorra, including geographic, hydrographic and climatic characteristics, with references to the origins of the population and the main economic resources of the country.

Where is it

Located in the Pyrenees between Spain and France, the Principality of Andorra is a particular country, subject to the joint sovereignty, even if now almost only nominal, of the French president and the bishop of the Spanish diocese of Urgell, whose powers are practically limited only on border issues.


The territory is characterized by mountainous escarpments, culminating in the Pico de Coma Pedrosa, whose altitude reaches 2946 meters, and in narrow valleys.

The most important river is the Gran Valira, which originates from the union of numerous mountain streams.

There are vast wooded extensions, with a prevalence of pines and firs, partially affected by deforestation and sheep farming, especially sheep.

Given the rather high average altitude, the climate is alpine, with mild summers and harsh winters.


Almost a third of the Andorrans are of Catalan origin, which is why the official language is Catalan.

The remaining part of the population is made up of Spanish and French immigrants, who settled in the nation based on a criterion based exclusively on acquired feudal rights, continuing to speak their original languages.

The vast majority of inhabitants are Catholic, only a minority professing other religious faiths.


As for the economy, Andorra's main natural resource is represented by the abundant water of its rivers, used to produce electricity.

There are also small deposits of iron and lead, as well as marble quarries.

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Since only a very small part of the territory is grown, most of the food is imported.

Tourism is the main source of revenue for the country, thanks to the popular ski slopes and the possibility of purchasing tax-free products.

Financial activities have undergone considerable expansion, above all thanks to the rigorous banking secrecy and the low taxes applied on transactions.


The capital is Andorra La Vella.

What is the currency in Andorra (November 2022)

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