Aphorisms about talking too much: phrases about those who speak idly


Quotes and phrases about talking too much, aphorisms on idle speech and out of turn words, expressing meaningless concepts in a specific specific case.

Phrases about talking in vain

- The reason we have two ears and one mouth is that we have to listen more, talk less.

- Table chatter and love talk are elusive; love talks are clouds, table chatter is smoke. (Victor Hugo)

- One day time will tell everything to posterity: it is a great talker and to speak he does not even wait to be interrogated.

- Little faith should be given to those who chat a lot. (Dionysius Cato)

- People who keep talking about matters of little importance probably have some problems in their mind. They endlessly repeat the same things to be elusive and to hide their difficulties. Listening to them raises doubts in the heart.

- An elderly man, seeing a dog, had this thought: “The dog has many friends because he moves his tail instead of his tongue. (R.Kern)

- If you can't talk about a thing, you have to be silent.

- The less you think, the more you talk.

- In speaking there can be honor or dishonor; man's tongue is his downfall.

- The cheerful voices of the wives intent on bleaching crackled. (Lev Tolstoj)

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- Those who talk too much try to hide something. Instead, those who keep silent are convinced of something.

- In a lot of talking there is no lack of guilt, those who hold their lips are cautious.

- It is simple to chat any conversation with those who have not suffered. (Emil Cioran)

- Most people speak without listening. Very few listen without speaking. It is very rare to find someone who can speak and listen.

- He thought that if humans didn't practice opening and closing their mouths all the time, they ran the risk of starting to work the brain. (Douglas Adams)

- It is very difficult to speak without saying too much.

- Don't waste time arguing with fools and talkers: everyone has the word, only a few common sense. (Cato the Censor)

- There are people who speak a minute before thinking.

- Those who cannot keep silent cannot speak.

- True books must be children not of light and chatter but of darkness and silence. (Marcel Proust)

Phrases about talking too much

- The talkers are the most discreet of all men: they speak, speak and say nothing.

- You must write as much as possible as you speak and do not speak as you write.

- If your mind isn't open, keep your mouth shut too. (Sue Grafton)

- Too much talk: here is the safest way to misunderstand, to make everything flat and silly.

- You have to listen a lot and speak little to govern a state well.

- Some people only talk because they think noise is more bearable than silence.

- Beware of the man who lets you speak without interrupting you.

- There are people who talk, talk ... until finally they find something to say.

- I only know one bird - the parrot - that speaks; and cannot fly very high. (Wilbur Wright)

- I love talking about nothing; it's the only topic I know all about.

- Experienced people know how to feel the pulse of others through the word, and for this reason a wise man recommends speaking to make himself known.

- Men have the gift of the word not to hide thoughts, but to hide the fact that they don't have them.

- Anyone who speaks alone in public for a long time, without flattering the listeners, arouses antipathy.

- Speak little, listen a lot, and you will never fail.

- Don't waste time arguing with fools and talkers: everyone has the word, only a few common sense. (Cato the Censor)

- Everyone can speak darkly, but very few clearly.

- In love, a silence is worth more than a speech.

- Thinking before speaking is the critic's password. To speak before thinking is that of the creator.

- When the listener does not understand the speaker and the speaker does not know what he is saying: this is philosophy.

- If you keep silent for a year, you will learn to chat and learn to speak. (Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche)

Phrases about speaking out of turn

- Half the art of diplomacy is to say nothing, especially when we are talking.

- If you want people to think well about you, never talk too much about yourself.

- For good that you speak, when you talk too much, you always end up saying beastly.

- In general, I accept everyone's chatter without problems and I leave them alone without problems. (Charles Bukowski)

- The word communicates the thought, the tone the emotions.

- Only when you have learned to keep silent, will you be able to speak righteously.

- The main distraction factor is not the chatter of the people around us, but the chatter that takes place within our mind. In order to achieve perfect concentration it is necessary to silence these inner voices. (Daniel Goleman)

- Many words are never a sign of much wisdom.

- It is proper to the brave man to speak little and make great undertakings; it is proper to the man of common sense to speak little and always say reasonable things.

- Some people are bad only because of the need to talk. Their conversation, chatter in the living rooms and chatter in the antechambers, resembles those fireplaces that soon consume wood: they need a lot of fuel, the next. (Victor Hugo)

- Language is the expression of thought: every time you speak your mind parades in front of everyone.

- Everything that many today talk about in vain, I in my book put it firmly in its place, simply by keeping silent about it. (Ludwig Wittgenstein)

- It is good to speak only when something must be said that is worth more than silence.

- The ignorant speak in vain, the intelligent speak at the right moment, the wise speak if asked, 'or foolish always speak (Totò)

- The best time to keep your tongue in check is when you feel you have to say something in order not to burst.

- Sometimes it is better to keep silent and look stupid than to open your mouth and remove all doubts. (Oscar Wilde)

- Talking too much is the worst form of communication. Man does not express himself fully except through his silences.

- It takes two years to learn to speak and fifty to learn to be silent. (Ernest Hemingway)

- In life, as in art, it is difficult to say anything that has the same effectiveness as silence.

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