April 26: saint of the day, name day


The Saint of the day April 26 is San Cleto Papa, which name day is celebrated and other saints who are celebrated on this date.

San Anacleto

Anacleto or Cleto, was born in Athens on an unspecified date and died in Rome in 92 AD. about.

After Pietro and Lino he was the third Pope and Bishop of Rome, once celebrated in two distinct feasts, that of April 27 with the name of Cleto and the other of July 13 with the name of Anacleto, today he is dressed only on the first date, in how much the second was abolished because it originated from a copy error of the ancient copyists.

The reason for two distinct parties dates back to an error by an ancient copyist who, transcribing the list of popes, entered both names, not realizing that in reality Cleto was only a diminutive.

Subsequent studies have highlighted the misunderstanding, such as those of Duchesne according to which Anacleto and Cleto were the same person, so the Congregation of rites in 1960 suppressed the feast of July 13, leaving only that of April 26.

Few biographical data exist of this pontiff, we only know that he was of Athenian origin and that he exercised the ministry of Pope from 79 to 90, earning the title of merit for having built a sepulcher in honor of Saint Peter, where he was later buried also he.

Other saints and celebrations on April 26

  • San Basileo di Amasea
  • Bishop

  • Blessed Domenico and Gregorio
  • Dominicans

  • Blessed Julius (Julio) Junyer Padern
  • Salesian priest and martyr

  • Saints William and Pilgrim
  • Hermits

  • Blessed Ladislao (Wladyslaw) Goral
  • Bishop and martyr

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  • Abbot of Corbie

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