April 3: saint of the day, name day


The Saint of the day April 3 is Saint Riccardo of Chichester, which name day is celebrated and other saints who are celebrated on this date.

Saint Richard of Chichester

Born in 1197 in Droitwich Spa, England, and died in Dover on April 3, 1253, Richard of Chichester is remembered as a bishop who fought for a correct celebration of Holy Mass and an administration of the sacraments that excluded a priori the payment of a sum of money.

The parents were modest landowners, growing up he became a man pervaded by a remarkable charity, available to understand his neighbor and particularly sensitive to the sufferings of the sick and the elderly, also he fought firmly for the celibacy of the clergy.

At the beginning of 1253 he was struck by a serious illness that led to his death in a short time, just when he was organizing the construction of a church in Dover, to be dedicated to his old teacher Edmondo Rich.

San Riccardo is revered as the patron saint of coachmen, probably for his aptitude for driving wagons and horses on the family farm.

Other saints and celebrations on April 3

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  • San Luigi Scrosoppi
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  • San Niceta of Medikion
  • Hegumen

  • Blessed Pietro Edoardo (Piotr Edward) Dankowski
  • Priest and martyr

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