Are there life forms on other planets?


To the question of whether forms of life exist on other planets, there is currently no definitive answer, in the world there are many scientists who continue their research in this direction.

Existence of living beings on other planets

The Moon, the planets and their moons do not possess air like our world.

They are also very hot or very cold bodies.

The men, animals and plants that populate the Earth could not live there.

The astronauts who went to the moon did not find life there, and neither did the Viking spacecraft that landed on Mars.

It is very unlikely that there is any form of life in other parts of the Solar System.

From the earth there are scientists who are constantly looking for other life forms scattered throughout the universe or on another planet.

Particular messages have been sent via probes and research has been carried out with very sophisticated telescopes, in an attempt to discover any type of signal that could make one think of some other form of life in the universe, but to date absolutely nothing relevant has been found.

Is There Intelligent Life On Other Planets? (February 2021)

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