Arta Terme (Friuli Venezia Giulia): what to see


What to see in Arta Terme, an ancient spa with the possibility of naturalistic and cultural excursions, with itinerary including the Pudia spring, the Church of Santo Stefano Martire and the Pieve di San Pietro with the archaeological museum in Zuglio.

Tourist information

Located in the province of Udine, nestled in the valley of the Tagliamento river and surrounded by an enchanting mountain landscape, Arta Terme offers numerous naturalistic itineraries, suitable for hiking, cycling or riding a horse, as well as the possibility to practice other sports activities , including fishing for cakes and canoeing down the But and Chiarsò streams.

The thermal baths of Arta use the waters of the Pudia source, appreciated since Roman times for their particular therapeutic properties.

The thermal spring water, which has a natural temperature of 9 degrees centigrade and is characterized by the unmistakable bad smell, caused by the presence of hydrogen sulphide, is recommended to treat diseases of the respiratory system, skin, bone and muscle, as well as for peripheral vascular diseases.

The treatments practiced at the Terme di Arta include sulphurous mineral hydrotherapy, baths, mud baths, whirlpools, swimming pools and saunas.

What see

Worth a visit are the Church of Santo Stefano Martire, decorated with frescoes from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and the Church of Santo Spirito, dating back to the fifteenth century and characterized by a spire bell tower.

In the surroundings of Arta Terme is Zuglio, an ancient city of Roman origin, made very important in the past by its particular strategic position, which saw it located along the Julia-Augusta road, a factor that favored its economic and commercial development.

The Parish Church of San Pietro a Zuglio, in Carnia, is an ancient church with a single nave, with three altars and Romanesque windows.

The remains of the Roman forum, which represented the city center, are visible near the Archaeological Museum.

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