August 12: saint of the day, name day


The Saint of the day August 12 is San Rufino martyr bishop, which name day is celebrated and other saints who are celebrated on this date.

San Rufino bishop

San Rufino is venerated in Assisi as the first bishop and main patron of the city.

According to the story of the Passio Sancti Rufini, Rufino and his son, the presbyter Cesidio, originate from the city of Amasia.

From Pontus, after converting the proconsul Andrew, they would leave for Italy to continue their work of evangelization, arriving in Trasacco, a town in the Marsyas, in which Cesidio remained, subsequently finding martyrdom there.

Bishop Rufino moved instead to Assisi, where he was captured by the proconsul Aspasio, who interrogated him, made him beat with lead piers, made him beat his mouth and had him thrown into a burning furnace, but the saint was freed from the fire by work of an angel.

The emperor himself therefore ordered Aspasio to have Rufino thrown into deep water with a stone tied to his neck.

The saint died on 11 August 238 in the Chiascio river, near the town of Costano.

The more dated representations of San Rufino show the patron saint of Assisi with mantle, miter and pastoral care, probably to emphasize that he had been the first bishop of the city.

Subsequently, starting from the period of the Counter-Reformation, the iconographic attributes of the saint became clearer and more immediate, as Rufino began to be represented with the millstone of his martyrdom.

Other saints and celebrations on August 12th

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