August 23: saint of the day, name day


The saint of the day August 23 is Santa Rosa da Lima virgin, which name day is celebrated and other saints who are celebrated on this date.

Santa Rosa from Lima

Born in Lima in Peru in 1586, she showed great self-control from an early age, as when she did not groan at the amputation of a gangrenous finger.

Against the parents' decision to want to marry her, she cut her beautiful long hair and put on the Dominican tertiary dress.

Forced to painful material and spiritual harassment, a hut was built in the garden of the paternal home, starting the long years of atrocious mystical suffering.

He did not eat, did not sleep and prayed to the Lord to increase his painful experiences.

He died on August 24, 1617.

It is warmly revered as the first flower of holiness in Latin America.

Other saints and celebrations of 23 August

  • Saints Ciriaco, Massimo, Archelao and companions
  • Martyrs

  • Saints Claudio, Asterio and Neone
  • Martyrs

  • Blessed Constantine Carbonell Sempere, Pietro Gelambert Amer and Raimondo Grimaltos Monllor
  • Jesuits, martyrs

  • Saint Eugene of Ardstraw
  • Bishop

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  • Beati Fiorentino Perez Romero and Urbano Emanuele Gil Saez
  • Martyrs

  • San Flaviano (or Flavio) of Autun
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  • Dehonian, martyr

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  • Martyrs

  • San Lupo (Luppo)
  • Martyr

  • Beate Rosaria (Piera Maria Vittoria) Quintana Argos and Serafina (Emanuela Giusta) Fernandez Ibero
  • Virgins and martyrs

    അനുദിന വിശുദ്ധർ (Saint of the Day) August 23rd - Saint Rose of Lima (January 2024)

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