Auto insurance: what it is, what it covers, estimate calculation


What is a car insurance policy, a contract that is one of the compulsory insurance policies regarding damage caused by road traffic and is also commonly known as third party liability insurance.

What a car policy covers

The main purpose of an RCA insurance is to protect the rights of the third parties involved with the provision of compensation proportional to the extent of the damage suffered.

The law also requires that the injured party be compensated through the road accident guarantee fund even if the accident was caused by a vehicle not covered by insurance, stolen or insured through a company in serious financial distress.

The motor liability or third party liability policy has become one of the most significant items of expenditure in the family budget in recent years and it is precisely to deal with this problem that motorists who resort to insurance via the Internet are growing exponentially.

In fact, there are some insurance companies operating on the web with which it is possible to achieve substantial savings.

The reason why savings of over 30% on the cost of the policy can be obtained lies in the fact that the car insurance companies via the internet do not have brokerage agencies scattered throughout the territory but operate exclusively through their call centers which in most cases are very efficient in responding to all customer needs.

It is possible to request a car insurance quote by sitting comfortably in front of your PC having first prepared those few documents that we need such as the registration certificate of our car and the risk certificate of the current insurance company.

In addition to the civil liability, it is also possible to include in the estimate accessory guarantees to cover other risks such as fire and theft, legal protection, driver insurance.

Car insurance quote calculation

It is possible to calculate the car insurance quote in real time for free and to obtain personalized rc car insurance rates based on your age, type of work, gender, etc., thus finding when it is actually possible to save on car insurance costs and take advantage of the option to choose a cheap internet auto insurance instead of a traditional auto insurance.

Internet auto insurance are also telephone insurance as it is always possible to find an operator available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, saving on car insurance prices with transparent car insurance contracts, timeliness of service and freedom then to choose until the last day of the expiry, whether to renew the contract or not without having to give notice of cancellation with a large period of advance.

In particular, from each company with which you can take out a car policy, you can obtain:

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request for auto rc insurance quotes via the internet or by telephone.

get low cost auto insurance taking into account the characteristics of the driver.

calculate online the price to pay for policy comparison with other auto insurance.

auto insurance online with comparison of alternative policies before deciding.

quick car insurance quote by filling in a form.

auto fire policy in conjunction with the rca policy.

auto theft insurance particularly convenient for new cars.

Auto insurance online

The insurance policy constitutes the receipt of having entered into an insurance contract with the issuer of the same and on it are reported all the conditions proposed by the insurance company and countersigned for acceptance by the insured party.

In the internet age, online insurance relating to the motor liability insurance sector that does not generally provide for automatic renewal and has also made it possible to obtain significant savings has become widespread.

They can request insurance quotes online from several companies for a comparison before deciding which one to take out.

The estimate is made by the user directly online with the choice of statutory and optional guarantees, the contract will be sent to the address indicated in two copies, one of which must be sent back to the countersigned insurance company.

Definition of auto rc insurance

Insurances are born from the need to protect oneself against many unpredictable harmful events.

With an insurance contract, the risk is transferred from the insurer to the insurance company.

The latter undertakes to indemnify the insured for all types of damage provided for in the event of a harmful or sinister event.

Insurance policies can be taken out by using a physical network of agencies in the area or by using the internet.

OnLIne insurance features

Internet insurance is characterized by the fact that a direct relationship is created between the customer and the insurance company without the use of intermediaries.

The lack of brokerage leads to a substantial containment of the price of online insurance mainly due to the saving of commissions that would be payable to insurance agents.

The vast majority of online insurance concerns the automotive sector, since it is mandatory by law to take out an insurance policy from all car owners.

Internet insurance almost does not provide for tacit renewal, allowing you not to fall into the trap of many traditional companies which, by not allowing you to cancel at the time of expiry but claiming it by contract at least 30 or 60 days before, effectively prevent the insured from being able to switch to other competing companies.

In addition to insuring individuals in possession of a car, Rc Auto companies also make it possible to insure other types of motor vehicles, among which it is possible, for example, to find trucks, motorcycles, mopeds and certain types of boats and boats.

Calculation of motor liability insurance quote

The online insurance companies offer the calculation of the estimate that can be done directly on the company's website with immediate automatic response.

Requesting a quote for auto insurance allows an individual to know in advance a proposal for auto insurance, thus being able to compare its cost also with that of other competing companies.

To calculate a quote in many cases just fill in an online form that allows you to generate a personalized quote valid in case of purchase and printable directly from the web.

Among the data requested, it is necessary to have the risk certificate issued by the current company, the vehicle data obtained from the registration certificate and your personal data.

Car insurance coverage ceiling

Each motor liability insurance must provide by law for a maximum refundable amount in the event of an accident. This minimum ceiling is currently € 774,685.35.

If the ceiling is not enough to cover the damage caused, it is up to the insured to make the difference.

With slightly higher amounts it is possible to raise the ceiling.

The rc auto insurance premium

The insurance premium is the amount that the insured pays to insure the first time or renew the insurance policy of his car.

The calculation of the premium can only be made through a series of estimates based on statistics relating to the claims of previous years.

These estimates are based on market statistics that analyze various data from a large number of vehicles divided into groups with similar characteristics to highlight the number of claims caused and the amount of the amounts disbursed as compensation for damages.

The cost incurred by the insurer for each vehicle is calculated by dividing the total amount of claims by the number of vehicles insured with reference to the trend observed in the previous period.

Since the number of claims and the related costs varies over time, it will be necessary to make an estimate of all the probable variations that may occur over time.

Each insurer evaluates the frequency of claims over time, which is equivalent to the number of claims occurred during the period of time examined divided by the number of insured vehicles, and the average cost of claims obtained by dividing the overall cost of all claims occurred by their number .

The frequency of claims observed will then be adjusted to the period in which the tariff established with assessment of the overall circulation of vehicles will be applied considering an evolution of the car fleet, increasing vehicle safety, roads, intensity of car traffic, motorist behavior and the speed prevention and drunk driving.

The average cost of the accident is affected by the increasingly expensive repairs of damaged vehicles, possible damage to people and judicial protection.

It follows from this reasoning that establishing the premium to be paid to policyholders is a very delicate operation since, if the amounts are too low, there would be losses, while on the contrary, in case of excessive premiums, the insurance company would end up going out of market.

In the period from the collection of premiums and the payment of claims, the insurance company invests the money in various financial activities to try to reduce the cost for policyholders to subsequent renewals of the policy, thereby increasing its competitiveness on the market. of motor liability insurance.

Main tariff forms for motor liability insurance

Formula with deductible: provides for the payment of an established percentage of the sum that the insurance company had to pay to the injured party.

Bonus malus formula: takes into account the automotive conduct of the insured person for the purpose of determining the premium to be paid. To do this, the so-called merit classes are used which allow you to pay lower or higher premiums depending on the class acquired.

Compensation in the event of a claim

The injured party must send a specific claim to the insurer by means of a registered letter with return receipt.

It must include various elements including a description of how the accident occurred, the tax code of the subjects entitled to receive the compensation, place and time of reference to allow the experts of the insurance company to ascertain and evaluate of the damage, information about the subjects who have suffered damage (age, activity, income, extent of the injuries, medical certificates) if present.

Within a certain period of time, 30 - 60 - 90 days depending on the type of damage caused, the insurance company of the party responsible for the accident formulates an offer of compensation.

Direct compensation agreement Cid

There is an agreement to request compensation for damage directly to your own insurance which will then go to the insurance company of the counterparty responsible for the accident.

To take advantage of this procedure, the blue form signed by the counterparties involved in the accident must be presented, which must not have involved more than two vehicles subject to compulsory insurance and the insured person must not have already submitted a previous request to the insurance company of the person in charge of the damage.

Blue form

The blue form or model for friendly accident detection greatly simplifies the reimbursement procedure by insurance companies.

It must be completely completed and signed by the parties involved in the accident.

Subsequently it must be sent to the insurance company.

Legal or legal protection insurance

The legal protection insurance compensates the insured for any costs of judicial and extrajudicial assistance incurred within a limit established by the contract.

Guarantee fund for road fatalities

It is a public body that has the function of compensating the damages suffered by citizens in road accidents due to the fault of third parties not covered by insurance.

The Fund intervenes, for example, to compensate accidents suffered by vehicles that remain unknown and for damages caused by uninsured vehicles.

The sums necessary to meet these compensation are obtained by withdrawing a percentage of the premiums paid to insurance for Motor TPL policies.

Variation of premiums to be paid in relation to the probability of causing claims

In this case too, using statistical observations on the behavior of the insured, groups with homogeneous characteristics are formed on the basis of variables that affect the probability of causing accidents.

The main variables are: the power of the vehicle, the residence of the insured (province or municipality), the guarantee ceilings, the age of the owner, the sex, the length of driving license, the bonus malus class, the presence or not abs, the presence or absence of air bags, the type of diesel or petrol supply.

From the observations of these elements, coefficients of greater or lesser danger are determined which, applied to the average premium, determine the rate in its structure.

Tax and parafiscal charges

It should also be said that the taxable premiums of motor liability insurance also include a tax of 12.50% and the contribution to the National Health Service for a rate of 10.50%

Accident behavior

In the event of an accident, it is important to remain calm and fill in the friendly assessment form or blue form received from your insurer with the other party, which is important to always have on board the car.

The form must be completed completely and also signed by the other motorist involved, thus obtaining the possibility of being compensated directly by your insurer if the CID agreement to which the blue form refers is applicable.

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