Bahrain (Persian Gulf): what to see


What to see in Bahrain, where it is located, neighboring states and islands that compose it, historical and climatic characteristics, places of interest and desert track for Formula 1 races.

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The Kingdom of Bahrain, also called simply Bahrain, is located in the Persian Gulf and is made up of an archipelago of islands with the capital Manama.

The borders with neighboring nations are therefore at sea and separate the territorial waters of this country from those of Saudi Arabia in the west and those of Qatar in the south.

The main island of the archipelago of Bahrain is Bahrain while among the other islands are those of Nasan, Hawar, Sitra, Umm and Al Muharraq and some uninhabited.

Wanting to make a little history of the archipelago of Bahrain we can say that since ancient times it has always represented an important route for trade and over the years it has undergone various occupations including that of the Portuguese at the turn of the 1500s and 1600s , that of the Persians in 1700 and finally that of the British until 1971 when it became an independent kingdom.

Bahrain's economy is essentially based on oil.

The climate is characterized by having summers with very high temperatures, strong temperature fluctuations all year round and very scarce rain phenomena.

What see

This place has recently become world famous for the Formula 1 grand prix which has been held annually since 2004 on a circuit built in the desert near the capital Manama and which represented the first F1 car race held in the Middle East.

Among the problems of this circuit, it should be noted, in particular, the asphalt temperature which, due to the very hot climate, reaches very high temperatures, often above 40 degrees Celsius.

Furthermore, as soon as a little wind blows, a veil of desert sand tends to settle on the track.

In addition to the capital, Manama is also the largest city in the state, located on the Persian Gulf, geographically located in the north-eastern part of the island of Bahrain.

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