Baked eggs in the shell with parsley and breadcrumbs


How to make eggs baked in the shell, recipe with parsley and breadcrumbs among the few necessary ingredients, description of the preparation process, from firming the eggs in boiling water to cooking in the oven.

Ingredients for 4 people

- 7 eggs

- 30 g butter

- a handful of parsley leaves

- bread crumbs

- salt and pepper

Preparation of eggs baked in the shell

Boil 6 eggs, after keeping them for a few hours at room temperature, in boiling water for about 10 minutes.

Keep them for a few moments under running water waiting for them to cool, then divide them in half vertically without first removing the shell, giving a sharp blow with a well sharpened knife.

Empty the shells and set them aside, then chop the egg whites and yolks, also doing the same with the parsley.

In a small pan, brown 20 grams of butter, add the minced ingredients, salt, pepper and flavor everything.

Off the heat, add the raw egg and the breadcrumbs needed to bind the mixture.

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Fill the half egg shells with the mixture obtained, then sprinkle them with breadcrumbs by adding a little butter.

After placing them in a pan, bake them at 200 ° C for about 10 minutes and at the end serve on the table.

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