Baked rice pie with meat sauce


How to cook baked rice pudding, a recipe that includes a sauce with mixed meat sauce and vegetables with grated Parmesan cheese and egg.

Ingredients for 8 people

- 500 gr arborio rice

- ragù with 300 gr mixed minced meat and 500 gr of vegetables

- 80 gr of grated Parmesan cheese

- 1 egg

- butter

- bread crumbs

- salt

Preparation of baked rice pudding with ragù

Start by preparing the ragout of mixed meats and vegetables, including peppers, courgettes and peas, the vegetables are preferable to add them when the meat is browned, cook and then leave to cool.

Boil the rice in abundant salted water, drain and mix it with the ragù in a bowl, add the grated Parmesan and the egg, stirring to mix everything well.

Pour the mixture into a buttered and breadcrumbs-coated mold, level the surface with light pressure, then put in the preheated oven at 180 ° C and cook for about 30 minutes.

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Remove from the oven, let it cool for a few minutes, then remove from the mold and serve.

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