Bear's garlic: what it is used for, where it is found, benefits and therapeutic properties


What is wild garlic herb used for, what benefits does its use bring to the body, where is it found, how are the leaves and flowers that derive from its cultivation, disinfectant and diuretic teraupetic properties.

How to use wild garlic

It is a plant with a bulb from which fairly large flat leaves start.

The flowers are characterized by light blue lanceolate linear petals.

As for cultivation, wild garlic grows in damp meadows and along the edges of the woods, in a territory that goes from the hills to the alpine areas.

The properties that distinguish it are similar to those of the common garlic.

In fact, even wild garlic brings benefits to the bloodstream, promoting the decrease in blood pressure.

For this reason it sees among its therapeutic properties that of prevention of arteriosclerosis and angina pectoris.

A good intestinal disinfectant action and good diuretic effects are widely recognized, ingesting a segment every morning, it is also very useful as a deworming agent.

It can be said that the treatment with garlic can also be practiced for prolonged periods, as there has never been any phenomenon of intoxication.

Wild Garlic - Plant Identification, Uses and Folklore (July 2020)

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