Beard phrases: aphorisms, funny quotes


Funny phrases on the beard, quotes and aphorisms on natural hair that can partially, more or less evidently cover the face of a man.

Quotes on the beard

- Understand that you are exaggerating when you just spend more time combing your beard in the morning after waking up than you do with cleaning your hair.

- If philosophers were assessed according to the length of their beard, the primacy would go to mountain goats.

- An unkempt beard is fine but only if you are real males.

- Beards don't confuse me anymore because what matters is who wears trousers in the house.

- I started the beard fashion in my group of friends years ago.

- God, in his divine providence, did not create women with beards because they would not have been able to keep their mouths closed while they were shaved.

- It is possible to count the time in days, weeks, months, or according to the length of your beard.

- Those who have beards seem older, while those who do not have them are, at least apparently, less men.

- If your character tells the world that you are a real man, your beard is the definitive proof.

- The razor is a weapon of freedom, since shaving is a rebellion against unwanted hair growing on the face.

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Aphorisms on the beard

- Brilliant ideas come to me in the morning while I shave my beard. From this I understand that men with beards are not able to have good ideas.

- The best reason to give up running for the US presidency is to avoid having to shave twice a day.

- The glorious eras of prose are the periods in which men cut their beards, while the great eras of poetry are those in which they grow beards.

- The beard, being almost a disguise, should be banned by the police. In addition, as a sex mark it is obscene, which is why women like it.

- Being a good family man is like shaving a beard. It doesn't matter how skilled you were to shave today as you have to be able to do it every holy day.

- With this rampant long beard fashion it is difficult to understand who should give alms.

- A man is not to be considered between 2 fires until he has a woman who likes it with a beard and a grandmother who instead advises him to cut it immediately as he finds it ugly.

- When the fashion of the long beard has passed you will realize, O women, that you have accompanied you with real toilets.

- A beard gives aggression to the warrior and makes the lover irrepressible.

- In order to be attractive, a man must do 2 things: wash and always have a clean beard.

Phrases on the beard

- Having a beard and believing you are irrepressible, is like having an eagle-winged eyebrow and believing that you can fly.

- The beard for men is like the bra for women that models upwards, as it falsifies reality, causing significant disappointments in intimacy.

- The beard only works if you are already physically discreet, especially if you are a full-fledged man.

- I understand the fashion of the beard, but if it grows like the hair of a bear on the point of death, better than forget it.

- I need a beard to draw attention to me, I hide my soul behind her and at the same time a portion of the face and almost all of me.

- A man without a beard is like a vegetarian carbonara pasta.

- Of a man I observe the shoulders, the beard, the smile, the favorite songs and the books he reads.

- A man without a beard is like a starless sky.

- A friend confided to me that she likes men with beards, however I prefer those without beards but boat owners and bank accounts.

- The man without a beard looks like a woman with a beard.

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