Because it is celebrated on March 8th


Reasons why women's day is celebrated on March 8, what are the historical origins and what this day really represents.

Meaning 8 March

March 8 represents International Women's Day, or the celebration of the social achievements achieved by women.

This annual anniversary is celebrated in all western countries.

It is traditional to give single sprigs or bouquets of mimosas to women.

March 8 was originally a day of struggle for feminist associations that was considered the symbol of the injustices suffered by the female world for many centuries.

In summary, it is possible to say that Women's Day has its origins in the political-inspired feminist movements typical of the early twentieth century, oriented to claim women's rights in the context of that era.

For several years, Women's Day was celebrated on different days in the various countries of the world.

March 8 was the date chosen by the majority, following the Second International Conference of Communist Women, held in 1921, and the decision, taken on that occasion, to set an international Day in defense of the working woman in the calendar.

Currently Women's Day has partially lost its primitive value.

In fact, while on the one hand there are women's organizations aimed at raising public awareness of the various problems affecting women, including the violence perpetrated in some cases against women and wage differences compared to men, there are numerous women who consider this day as an opportunity to go out alone with friends.

The History Of International Women's Day (February 2021)

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