Because the ears whistle


How come the ears whistle, what are the causes of this annoying phenomenon and the possible remedies depending on the type of disorder, which in some cases may require the consultation of a specialist.

Whistle ears remedies

Everyone has heard their ears whistle, but maybe we have never wondered if there is a scientific reason why this happens.

According to popular tradition, it is frequently said that when our ears whistle it means that someone is thinking about or talking about us.

Leaving aside superstitions like this, let's see what the real reasons may be for whistling ears.

First of all, it should be noted that the whistle in the ears is a completely subjective sensation, as it is not generated by external sound waves, but arises directly inside the ear's ear canal.

The most frequent causes include a simple obstruction of the ear canal, often due to an accumulation of ear wax or phlegm, which can be easily eliminated with careful cleaning suitable for the purpose.

The ears can also whistle due to muscle contraction, that is when the internal muscles have contracted in an involuntary spasm.

These muscles have the function of keeping the tympanic membrane tense, attenuating sound vibrations.

Involuntary spasms are mainly due to stress.

At the origins of the whistles in the ears there may also be some diseases, classified as pathologies of the auditory system or of the acoustic nerve, or other problems related to hypertension or arteriosclerosis.

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