Belvedere Palace (Prague): what to see


What to see at Palazzo Belvedere, construction built on the wishes of King Ferdinand II, as a summer residence for his wife Anna, which stands out for its distinctly Renaissance features and for the magnificent view of Prague, as well as for Ruben's frescoes.

Tourist information

This construction was built in the sixteenth century, simultaneously with the royal garden.

In the frieze of the arcades on the ground floor there is an ornamental motif, depicting themes inspired by Greek mythology.

The ornaments are complemented by sculptures of divinities and by a portrait of Ferdinand I.

What see

The internal room was frescoed in the nineteenth century by C. Ruben.

The famous astronomer Tycho Brahe stayed for a short time in the Belvedere.

In the vicinity of the building is the Canterina Fountain of 1568, a bronze work by the artist T. Jaros, whose name derives from the particular melody that seems to produce water by coming into contact with the water in the tank.

Belvedere palace with Prague view.. (September 2021)

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