Bernalda (Basilicata): what to see


What to see in Bernalda, itinerary including the historic center with the Mother Church of San Bernardino and the castle, as well as the archaeological area of ​​the seaside resort of Metaponto.

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Basilicata town located on a plateau and facing south on the coast washed by the Ionian Sea, Bernalda owes its name to Bernardino de Bernardo, feudal lord of the Aragonese court who built the castle around which the country developed.

In the historic center of Bernalda, the Mother Church of San Bernardino, dating back to 1530 and subsequently enlarged, deserves to be visited.

The Carmine church dates back to a previous date, modified several times over the course of time.

The church annexed to the Convent of Sant'Antonio da Padova, whose construction dates back to the second decade of the 1600s, contains a beautiful Crucifix from the 1800s.

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The origin of the Bernalda Castle, as evidenced by recent discoveries, dates back to the period of Norman domination.

The manor, has a quadrangular plan, includes three truncated cone towers placed at the corners.

In the hamlet of Metaponto, the archaeological area deserves to be visited, where it is possible to see the excavations relating to the ancient Greek city.

There are also several bathing establishments, campsites and tourist villages, able to accommodate, during the summer, the considerable flow of vacationers, mainly due to the clarity of the sea and the excellent cleanliness of its beaches.

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